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Design, Production, and Customer Engagement.

Collin and Kendal, the duo behind Chatham Road Studio, are communication consultants who help business owners engage with their clients.

We implement creative design, photo and video production, and industry leading technology to create gorgeous campaigns that engage with customers and drive sales. 

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Our Customer Engagement Process

How We Work

Rather than sell you marketing techinques (build a website, make a video, etc), we partner with you to understand your customer. We start with great communication, then suggest the best methods to get your message out there.


Define Your Customer

When you know who you’re talking to, it becomes easier to connect. We start with developing an “ideal customer profile” so you can make the best possible decisions for your marketing.


Present Your Business

Do your customers understand how you make their lives better? Our goal is to define how your ideal customer goes from discovering your brand to purchasing your product.


Learn From Your Visitors

The key to any digital communication plan is optimization. Did you know that that there are simple tools that will show you what is causing your website, emails, and social media to fail?

Our Industry Experience


We work directly with small-medium sized businesses to attract customers online and successfully compete with large regional competitors.


We work with accountants, business consultants, and professional coaches to attract and educate potential customers, facilitating long-term relationships.


We provide online solutions for business groups, advocacy organizations, and member networks to retain online traffic and encourage donations and membership.

Our Work

Professional Video

From professional interviews to action-packed commercial shorts, videos are crafted to share who you are with the audience you need to reach.

Web Design

 WordPress based web design and management. We integrate with industry-leading platforms to provide SEO optimization, crazy fast load times, e-commerce, email and CRM integration, analytics, and more.

Digital Marketing

Expand your brand’s presence with targeted advertising and organic search optimization. We’ll spend painstaking hours optimizing your site for organic traffic, conversion, load speed, and readability.


Define and understand your target market, develop your ideal client profile, and engage with customers. We work to create brand identities that communicate your brand clearly and effectively.


The single most common compliment we receive from our clients is that we are a peaceful presence. Feel at ease while we craft an image that reflects you.


When you’re selling a luxury home, building a landscaping portfolio, or inviting potential customers into your space, excellent photos are everything.

Wedding Films

Cinematic, dialogue-driven stories that capture the day and your heart. Our videos are an investment into memories that will last a lifetime.


One of the amazing privileges of being a visual story-teller is that you get to meet amazing people and travel to breathtaking places. We love to share what we find.


Sometimes, your story doesn’t fit neatly into a category. You’ve blazed your path and found joy. Now it’s time to share what you’ve created. We’re here to help.

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