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Relationships Matter

I’ve always been passionate about having a deep connection with what I do. It’s always been about sharing stories — from my days in elementary school shooting 35mm portraits of my family to time spent in recording studios and live stages working so closely with artists. I regularly jump into large projects with big teams, but the relationships mean so much more to me.

Also, I’m not a fan of having my name on things, so I chose a name that I felt suits my business. 
-Collin Strachan

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About the Owner

Collin Strachan 

Collin Strachan is a creative professional based in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor’s of Science in design and digital communication. He has a background in design, cinematography, photography, web design, marketing, print & production, live and studio sound engineering, and live production management. Collin loves learning, physical fitness, and serving the church through creative arts.

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