Let’s get your story out there.

So you’re ready to create a video and get your brand out there. You’ve read our 7 Questions Every Marketer Should Ask Before Creating a Video, and you know the key points to consider before beginning production:

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Target Audience

There is really no such thing as an ‘average viewer.’ Tapping in to who you want to reach is perhaps the most important step in effective marketing.
Viewer’s Context

Determining where your viewers are in the sales process will help you define a video that can communicate to them. Are they ready to commit to your offer?

Key Message

After  analyzing your viewers’ position in the sales process, it’s time to craft your story. Will your story be anecdotal or to the point? Will its scope be broad or narrow?

Calls to Action

You do not want your video to end up as just a collection of pretty moving pictures. You want your audience to be moved into action by your content and message.

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