The Value of Retargeting Your Web Visitors on Facebook

Facebook Advertising Campaign Management
Target your engaged audiences with promotions that help them make decisions.

If you’re making even a small profit from direct-to-consumer sales on your website, it’s pretty safe to assume that you’ve seen, researched, or had a conversation about just about every kind of data you can track from about your visitors. You know your conversion rates, your best entry pages, your worst exit pages (ouch), and you have a pretty solid idea about where your traffic is coming from. 

In most cases, a well prepared marketing manager has this kind of information at their fingertips. And if that’s you, great job! Keep every bit of the effort you’ve put into your online sales up and running. Successful companies don’t need to be told how to sell their product. You know what your customers like, and you can articulate the value of your offering. What you need now is for your sales funnels to be more efficient. You need to get your customer acquisition costs down, your conversion rates up, and most importantly you need to retain loyal customers and engaged web visitors.

Though there are countless ways to build loyalty and increase retention with your digital marketing, our focus is on retargeting your web visitors with Facebook ads. You’ve seen it before – go to Amazon and look at sleeping bags, then over to Facebook, and the first thing on your timeline is an ad from Amazon with the product you were looking at and suggestions for others like it. There’s nothing magical about this; it’s a simple line of code and some pre-formatting in your ad campaign.

But are you doing it? Or are you losing engaged customers right now?

Here’s the basic idea; take the traffic already visiting your website, traffic that you know is engaged in a search for similar products, familiar with your brand, and seeking more information, and, ready for it? Give them more information.

I’ll share an example from mine and my wife’s personal experience. Finding delicious, healthy meals that we can take backpacking has been something of a challenge for us. I started off several years ago with one of the “big brands” that I found on the shelves of an outdoor store. A close friend and I were on a two-week motorcycle tour of the National Parks in the Four Corners region, and I needed some lightweight meals for the longer legs of our trip. My beef stroganoff may have tasted great, but the macros were atrocious. Also, the heavily processed food didn’t agree with me too well. I’ll say no more than the fact that there was no sharing the tent on one of those legs.

Over the last couple months, my wife and I have done some pretty extensive searching for great backpacking meals. We landed on a brand that we love but, just like I detailed in our post about your investment into photo and video, we left a goldmine of data behind in our wake. And the crazy part? I have not seen a single ad for any of the brands whose websites we visited. That means that there are close to 10 companies out there who have had an engaged visitor on their site, ready to buy, but have failed to follow up with more information or product reinforcement after that visitor left their site.

And it’s so easy to fix the problem!

If you’re not using custom audiences to re-target your web visitors, email subscribers, video viewers, and even visitors to your competitors websites (heck, you can even use their specific competing products), you are losing engaged traffic. Simple as that!

So get out there, set up some custom audiences, and capture those customers before someone else does! We’re rooting for you!

Oh, and by the way, thanks for reading this far! At Chatham Road Studio, we boost online revenue for outdoor gear manufacturers and distributors with photo and video marketing campaigns. We specialize in creating visual product promotions that are proven to generate sales.

When we work together, we’ll develop a production plan to capture content that solves your customers problems, leads directly into your highest-converting funnels, and generates sales. We manage your production, campaign setup and campaign management on a weekly basis. We’ll fine tune your campaigns, test messaging and placements, and report on the key performance indicators that impact your bottom line.

To be transparent, no part of what we offer here is new, revolutionary, a get-rich quick scheme, or proprietary to Chatham Road Studio. We’re excellent at photo and video production and we promise you’ll love your new content. We bring a marketing background, including a design/communications bachelor’s degree and a marketing-focused MBA to your content distribution plans, and we bring 25 years of combined experience with every kind of gear you can imagine in the outdoors, from backpacking to fishing to ultra-marathon running to climbing and bouldering to mountain biking to way-finding and beyond. It’s not about magic – any good team can take pictures and run Facebook and Instagram campaigns with results. It’s about combining a love for your industry with our understanding of your customers – because we love the industry and we are your customers. And most importantly, it’s about creating a measurable return on investment so that you can finally see EXACTLY how your social campaigns and your investment into photo and video are impacting your business.

Want to learn more? Book a strategy call with us. Over the course of an hour, we’ll learn about your story, define your customers, and identify your needs. 


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