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One of our favorite ways to create, to make lasting friendships, and to share people’s stories is through wedding videography.

A wonderfully crafted video, along with the life-long memories that your photos will hold, will allow you to share with and inspire others, to welcome family and friends who can’t be there, and to re-live a day that lives on in your memories.

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Wedding FAQs

How does your pricing work?

We’ve structured our pricing to fit perfectly within your day. Rather than fixed packages, start with a full-feature video that covers everything you need, then choose only what you want to add.

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How do we plan together?

Planning your event generally starts with a note from you. With our really quick contact form, you can give us a shout. From there, we’ll set up a time to meet, FaceTime, or talk over the phone. Whatever works for you!

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How do you film our wedding?

We’ll always have at least 2 cameras (you might even see an iPhone X on a gimbal shooting some additional 4k scenery shots), and you’ll have Collin at your wedding on a camera at all times

Do you do any posing/directing?

Our main focus is to capture your day as naturally and authentically as possible. We may take a couple moments to add something sweet, but we’ll be in the background for most of the day.

Do you choose the music for my video?

We do! Sharing your video online requires licensing for any music contained in it, so we do our best to choose a song that matches the mood of your day, your personality, and the memories we made; all while complying with legal restrictions.

How quickly will my video be ready to share?

HIghlight videos will be ready within 8 weeks. Documentary edits may take up to 12. Couples may choose an expedited delivery to receive their highlight within 4 weeks. 

How do you deliver files?

Your files will be available for an easy download online! If it helps, we can also send you a physical copy on a USB flash drive

Do you deliver “raw” files?

You will receive only a final, polished product. We’ll keep a backup of your raw files for a minimum of 6 months to ensure that you’ve been able to store your video files for safe keeping.

Do you travel?

Heck yeah! If your dream day is in your dream destination, we’ll be there! Just let us know when you get in touch so we can plan for availability accordingly.

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A beautiful Jewish wedding in the Texas Hill Country at Kendall Plantation. So grateful for Karl and Adrianna!
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